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Holiday Clubs

COURSE - Multisports

AGE - 5-11 Years


Our Multi Sports Camp provides a complete sporting experience for every age and ability where your child has the opportunity to play over 15 different sports in one fun packed week!

With a wide variety of fun filled activities, each Multi Sport camp offers your child a unique insight into the world of sport that they’ll never forget. Designed to inspire learning through a range of physical activities and game; our Multi Sport camps are delivered in a low pressure, yet high energy environment, allowing your child to excel in over 15 sports.

Our highly trained & motivated staff have learned their trade all over the world – our expertise is unquestionable. Our range of sporting activities, coupled with our professional, dedicated coaching staff is second to none.

For the ultimate day camp experience that your child will revel in, Dave Earnden Coaching is the name you can trust.

Coaching Curriculum covers:

  1. Rounders
  2. Handball
  3. POP Lacrosse
  4. Dodgeball
  5. Cricket
  6. Speedball
  7. Netball
  8. Football
  9. Hockey
  10. Benchball
  11. Capture The Flag
  12. TAG Rugby
  13. Basketball
  14. Multi skill games
  15. Tennis
  16. 16. Volleyball

COURSE - Football

AGE - 5-11 Years


Our Football program is for all players who are either just beginning the game or for the more advanced player. Our focus is fun, exciting games to build confidence and teach the fundamentals of football. Within this course players will cover ball familiarisation, small group dynamics, coordination skills and social interaction, all with maximum participation in a fun oriented environment.

Our coaches are highly skilled practitioners who aim to enhance player's technical development & skills building in a stimulating environment. Players will be challenged to consider basic tactical components at an age appropriate level, including attacking and defending.

Over the week, players will be self-assessed using standardised football challenges focusing on the technical aspects of the game where the high achievers will win prizes. Along with themed days, quizzes, World Cup Competitions & an end of course awards ceremony, this course is guaranteed to give your child the best possible football experience. 

Coaching Curriculum Covers:

- Control

- Passing

- Dribbling

- Scoring

- Turning

- Running With the Ball

- Defending

- Attacking

- Tournament