VENUE: St Vincents Catholic Primary School

DATES: Monday 24th April - Wednesday 12th July 2023

DURATION: 10 Weeks

AVAILABLE CLUBS - Summer Term 2023



Club: KS2 Tennis

Start: Mon 24 April 2023

End: Mon 10 July 2023

No. Of Weeks: 10 Weeks

Club: YR 1&2 Basketball

Start: Wed 26th April 2023

End: Wed 12th July 2023

No. Of Weeks: 10 Weeks


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All of our clubs have a maximum capacity. 

As soon as we reach capacity bookings for that club will no longer be available on our site. You may wish to place your name on the waiting list at school.

As soon as we reach capacity, bookings will no longer be available through our website.